What and for what is a MALA?

Origin and meaning of the Mala bracelet

The term "Mala" comes from Sanskrit and means something like "meditation wreath".


Die Ursprünge hat das „Mala“ im Hinduismus.


For thousands of years it has been an integral part of Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies. 

What significance do the 108 pearls have?
It is of great importance for both Buddhists and Hinduists that the bracelet always consists of 108 pearls.

It is used as a kind of prayer bracelet when practicing mantras. It is said that a mantra should be repeated 108 times until it can have its full effect.

Daher wird das Mala verwendet, um Atemzüge oder die Anzahl der Wiederholungen eines Mantras zu zählen, indem man mit den Fingern über die Perlen gleitet. Damit sich der Meditierende voll und ganz auf das Mantra konzentrieren kann – und nicht durch das Zählen der Wiederholungen abgelenkt wird – verwendet er die Mala als counting aid. This makes a deeper meditation possible and the resulting energy is used directly in the chain "stored“.

A Mala necklace traditionally consists of 108 beads and one Guru bead (also called "Bindu"). The number 108 is a special number in Buddhism and Hinduism. For example, it is said that the body has 108 energy paths and that a mantra only develops its full effect after 108 repetitions.

The final part is the so-called Guru pearl. This starting pearl is important so that you know when you have let the necklace pass completely through your fingers. Furthermore this Mala finish looks very nice.

Bei unseren Malas verwenden wir statt der Guru Perle die  Malamünze, mit dem „Om“ Element.

It is used in meditation and serves to calm the flow of energy through the remaining pearls. This prevents the energy from flowing cyclically through the mala. It also marks the start and end point of the meditation.

Why is a mala so special?

After you have worn your Mala for a few days, no matter which way you prefer to wear it, you will special connection have developed into her.

Many people report that they are reluctant to remove their mala, unconsciously touching it with their fingers all the time or wearing a special feeling of warmth feel.

 This is due to the special energetical characteristics of pearls interacting with the energy of your body. The pearls absorb your body energy and store it within themselves, while at the same time they also release some of their own energy to you.

For this reason a mala is also a very personal object. You shouldn't just give them to friends or other people to wear without hesitation - nor should you just wear other people's mala for a few days.

Can anyone wear a mala?

Clearly YES, anyone can wear a painting chain - whether they meditate or not.

You don't have to be religious for this, even if they were traditionally used as prayer chains.

You can use it completely independent of religion and lifestyle as a reminder of your positive intentions tragen. Allein das Tragen einer Mala hat auf viele Menschen weltweit einen beruhigenden and positiven Effekt. 

A Mala is both a beautiful piece of jewellery and a companion on your way to more peace, serenity and a positive lives.

Wie und wann trage ich meine Mala?

You can just wear the chain around the neck or wear them around your wrist several times. . .

Many people also wear them under their clothes, directly on the skin and completely close to their heart.

You can wear your mala all day long. For washing or to take a shower you should, however drop.

You could also wear them overnight, but most people put them on the bedside table or a box.

And of course you can take your mala to your Yogapraxis mitnehmen – um dich zu fokussieren und um deine Kette mit deiner positiven Yogi-Energie aufzuladen. Lege die Kette dazu am besten auf den Boden, neben das Kopfende deiner Matte. So hast du sie immer im Blick und sie behindert dich nicht bei deinen Asanas.

How do I clean my mala?

To clean your mala, place it in a glass or bowl with lukewarm water and some mild soap.

Leave them to soak for at least 15 minutes, or overnight.

Then take your Mala out of the glass and clean it gently and without pressure with a soft brush or toothbrush.

Then let the chain dry completely. 

Anschließend kannst du sie vorsichtig mit etwas Kokosöl einreiben.

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